Ascendant Excerpt

“Marriage,” she croaked softly, brushing the tips of her fingers across her damp cheek. “Marriage?” Her hands holding the piece of parchment began to shake and she had trouble taking in breaths through the lump of fear and despair forming in the back of her throat. “My father,” she gasped, “has not been in the ground longer than a week and they petition me for marriage?” She looked up at Willeon, begging him for an explanation by means of the fear welling into her eyes, “How can they do this to me?”

“Shamelessly, it would seem,” Willeon replied with ease, his eyes intent on rolling. Willeon was a man well into his years, but no more than about ten years younger than her father had been when he had passed. His forehead and the tender skin around his eyes were riddled with wrinkles of wisdom, brought on from a young age from hours in the sun, training their guards and seeing that the capital was well defended.

Ascendent Front 5x8Sybelle stood up on shaky legs, “Narder,” she called to her brother’s attendant, promptly gaining his sympathetic gaze, “put Riffin to bed for the night.” The tall, young man bowed to her before turning to the eight-year-old boy, gathering the sketchbook and pencils that he had busied himself with before taking him out of the room. With the doors shut and no one other than herself, the general and her own attendant, she turned back to him and spoke, “What do they suggest I do with this?” she asked, fanning the parchment about. “Accept?

“They are merely preying on your state of mind,” Willeon replied, sighing. “They clearly hope that you will be more lenient than your father. They think your susceptibility for fear at your newfound position will convince you to accept in hopes of relinquishing politics to those more seasoned. You know that they have sought out your hand before; it should not come as a surprise that they would try again in a moment of weakness.”

She scoffed, her breath hitching in the back of her throat, and then tossed the parchment onto her mother’s throne. “They cannot so easily get what they desire,” she retorted, walking across the room, “more so when they have tried to do so in such a cruel manner!”

Willeon smirked, bowing his head and retrieving the parchment. “I will put together our reply and seek out your approval upon completion,” he said.

She stopped where she stood, unable to leave the room with the realisation that his words caused. That was it. Every action conducted by any person of staff, her staff, would have to be approved by her. She looked over her shoulder before turning around entirely to face her father’s general, her general, swallowing thickly and gripping her dress tightly in between clenching fists. She gave a firm nod, pursing her lips together before boldly walking back to her place on her mother’s throne, adding, “Please do so. I shall be waiting.” Seated, alone, Sybelle wiped her tear-stained face with the sleeves of her dress, tilting her head back and inhaling the last breath that felt like freedom. She would have to erase the fear. She would have to erase the uncertainty. She would have to erase anything and everything for as long as it made her appear weak in the eyes of others.

Atoned is out now!

Atoned, the third book in the Ascendant Series, has been released on Amazon’s Kindle!

You can dive right into Chapter 1 through Amazon’s Look Inside! Feature right here. Also, if you haven’t checked it out yet, Book 1, Ascendant, can be found here. For Accustomed, which is Book 2 in the series, you can find that here.

Cover Reveal: Atoned (Ascendant Series, Book 3)


Release Date: 23rd November 2016

The conflict has ended. Queen Sybelle nears the end of her pregnancy, yet finds herself embroiled in another dispute that will dash her hopes of maintaining peace. As his ships are plundered and his trade is stifled, King Crios of Ludorum is at his wit’s end and demands that Sybelle breaks her alliance with the pirates and puts their unlawful business to an end.

The decision to do as he asks weighs heavily on her mind. Should she sever all ties, she risks instability for her people. Should she defy the order, she risks their chance for peace. Now, she finds herself torn between her desires and the fear of becoming a monster.

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Accustomed is out!

Accustomed, the second book in the Ascendant Series, has been released on Amazon’s Kindle!

You can check it out here and dive right into Chapter 1 through Amazon’s Look Inside! Feature. Also, if you haven’t checked it out yet, Book 1, Ascendant, can be found here.

Cover Reveal: Accustomed (Ascendant Series, Book 2)

Accustomed Front 5X8

Release Date: 9th June 2016

Fresh from her victory against King Nero of Evrad, Sybelle settles into her role as Queen and with not a moment to spare. A fleet from the Kingdom of Azura looms just outside the shores of Lionessa, inching closer and closer with each passing day.

Upon landing on the sands of Lionessa, King Alessio offers Sybelle a chance to avoid the humiliation of defeat and to forfeit half of the newly-claimed land of Evrad to him. Still bitter over King Alessio’s refusal to help her against King Nero in the early days of her reign, Sybelle declines, despite being troubled by the prospect of leading her people into another war.

Ascendant is out!

Ascendant, the first book in the Ascendant Series, has been released on Amazon’s Kindle!

You can check it out here and dive right into Chapter 1 through Amazon’s Look Inside! Feature.

Ascendent Front 5x8

Ascendant (Ascendant Series, Book 1)

Growing up in the longest period of peace in Lionessa, Princess Sybelle never imagined that she’d one day have to fight to keep her kingdom. When her father dies, everything in Sybelle’s life changes. The once-peaceful kingdom is marked by war, her inexperience is mocked, and her sickly brother is used as a pawn in a political game that threatens to take what is rightfully hers.

When King Nero calls for her to marry his son, Sybelle knows what she must do to maintain control, but doing so will unleash a wickedness within her that could potentially prolong the war or possibly cause her to lose her kingdom.

Can the newly appointed Queen succeed with so many obstacles in front of her?