Introduction and 60 Questions

Good afternoon!

My name is Kyra and I’m a girl that is very passionate about writing. While I’m not limiting what I will talk about here, I will often talk about writing novels, my ideas and my reasoning.

I’m actually, generally, a really quiet and shy person and my introductions are often very poor *nervous laugh* Please don’t give up on me just yet. Due to this, I was given 60 questions in order to help introduce myself so please take a look!

1. Birthday:

3rd November

2. Blood type:


3. Birthplace:


4. Height/Weight:


5. Ring size:


6. Do you smoke?


7. Favourite perfume:

Jean Paul Gaultier

8. Cell phone model:

Blackberry Curve

9. Cell phone ringtone:

Currently, BRILLANTE by Ayumi Hamasaki

10. Favourite Brands:

Chrome Hearts, Billabong, Converse, SEXPOT ReVeNGe

11. Favourite Colours:

Black and purple

12. Favourite phrase:

I have too many

13. Favourite food:

Yakitori, pizza

14. Least favourite food:

Fish and vegetables

15. Do you cook? What’s your speciality?

I enjoy cooking a lot when I have the time. My speciality is chicken curry.

16. Interests:

Music and writing

17. Special skill:

What is considered special?

18. Strong point:

I become emotionally involved

19. Weak point:

I become emotionally involved

20. Bad habit:

When I get into a subject I don’t stop talking very easily and I become very expressive.

21. Daily routine:

Generally; wake up early, school, work, writing until late, go to bed.

22. Something that was often written on your student report card?

“Try hard even in your worst subjects”

23. Latest hobby:

Writing challenging topics

24. Charm point:


25. Weakness:


26. What are you collecting?

Manga that I really enjoy.

29. Place you’d like to go:

America and Japan

30. What do you do on your days off?


31. What made you start writing?

I did it to start express myself and the things that I’d heard. They were things about myself and about friends that I couldn’t tell anyone. I found myself creating something for myself bit by bit.

32. Latest frustration:

Having to struggle endlessly to do everything I want to do.

33. Your stress reliever:


34. The most important thing to you right now:

Many things

35. Persons you admire:

Hamasaki Ayumi, Sadie’s Mao and Aki, The GazettE’s Ruki and writer Haruki Murakami

36. What colour is love?

Often it’s like the origin is white and the ending is black. In saying this, I’d like to believe that true love is of a colour that warms you the most.

37. Present you’d be happy to get:

Various things

38. What’s good about being female?

I’m sure there’s something…

39. If you were born again, would you rather be male or female?


40. Why is that?

There is good and bad about both, but neither really matters as long as I can be myself.

41. When you meet a person for the first time, where do your eyes go?

Their eyes and their smile

42. Childhood dream:


43. Something you think is wrong with the world:

The people who ruin it

44. How old do you think your mental age is?

Occasionally this, occasionally that

45. Can you fall asleep and wake up easily?

My lifestyle requires me to do so but I don’t particularly enjoy it either.

46. Do you believe in fate?


47. Thing you’re most concerned about now:

How much potential do I really have?

48. The greatest enemy in life is:


49. If you wanted something badly enough:

I’d work my hardest to get to it

50. Score your current self:

50 out of 100

51. What do you think about when writing?

Bringing the message across in the manner I want. Also, I wonder if the emotions are coming across in a way that people can relate to.

52. Please make a resolution. This season I will…:

Improve on my writing!

53. The one thing you won’t give up is:

Everything that is mine

54. Your basic rule is:

To protect

55. If your wish came true, what would you wish for?

Too much for one wish

56. What is writing to you?

A necessity

57. Future aspirations:

To be discussed some other time

58. A word to yourself 10 years from now:

Are you still alive?

59. Message to yourself now:

Why are you waiting so long to risk it?

60. Message to everyone reading this:

Keep trying your best regardless of anything and please take notice of your own self-worth.

If you’ve read this far, thank you very much!!


What do you think?

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