Inspiration Is Everywhere!

Inspiration is truly everywhere, in everything we see and everything we hear, maybe even in everything we touch and everything we smell.

It’s no wonder then that people are so capable of being creative; our creativity relies, often enough, on inspiration of other peoples creativity.

It is not the first time that I hear a song late into the night, a song I may have heard thousands of times before, and it would suddenly inspire me! Who knows why exactly? Maybe it’s the mood, maybe it’s with the help of what is on my mind but the moment inspiration strikes with the help of something it’s very difficult to ignore it.

The other night two songs, ones that I have heard so many times, inspired two rather pivotal scenes in my current novel. I had been banging my head plenty during the outlining of this novel, trying very hard to form part of the emotional drive in the novel that I thought was necessary for it to feel like it was really gelling together.

The songs, the chilling breeze that blew in from a small gap in the window, the late hour, the sleepy haze and the mind full of ideas… The combination pushed me to outline scenes that I am going to have the best time writing!

What I’m trying to say is that there is inspiration in plenty of things, even things that we have seen or heard, touched or smelt many many times. Don’t waste that inspiration and, instead, take advantage of it. Also, try different things; old and new. It may be your cure for writer’s block.

These songs, if it’s of any interest to anyone, were both by ayumi hamasaki; ‘beloved’ and ‘HAPPY ENDING’.

So what inspires you? Have you ever found inspiration in some of the most unlikely times and places?


What do you think?

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