Despair & Decision Preview

With the digital release of Despair & Decision on Amazon I thought to put a special preview here for any readers! Any of you who are interested in it, do check out the Books page for links to the Amazon website of your choice!


As the sun began to rise and spread a beautiful bright glow over the young couple’s living room Amara sat back comfortably on the windowsill, staring out for as far as her eyes were blessed to see. Karina peaked out of the bathroom, towel drying her long hair carefully as she admired the gentle profile of her partner. As she approached her she watched as the woman blinked the moisture out of her eyes, leaving Karina to watch as the drops trickled down her pale cheeks. Amara reached up promptly as she felt the shadow loom over her with the woman’s approach and wiped away her tears, “I’m sorry.” She apologised in a cracking tone.

“Don’t be.” Karina dabbed at her cheeks with the towel, smiling warmly. She took a seat opposite her on the windowsill as the woman began to shy away, reaching for the hand that the other was now staring at with guilt. She wiped at her damp cheek with the back of her fingers, “Are you thinking too hard again?” she asked her softly.

Amara smiled weakly in response, raising her hand to wipe at her eyes again, “Perhaps…” She keenly felt that there was no one in this world that understood her quite the way Karina did. She just knew. Always just knew.

Karina put their fingers through a small series of steps before they were entwined perfectly, clasping their hands together tightly. Unable to face the kind gesture Amara leaned over, burying her face in her neck as their hands remained tight in between them. With a soft smile tugging at her features Karina kissed the woman’s temple tenderly, running her fingers through her soft blond hair and down her small back.

The blond sniffled finally after another moment and then pulled back, taking her hand out and placing it over the other’s instead, “Don’t you have to practice? You have a performance coming up, right?”

Karina nodded her head and stood up, leaving her partner’s side to pick up her violin from its stand. Amara was thankful that she had such an understanding woman by her side; she did not persist with her questions or with her smothering and accepted the drastic change in topic. “I need to go dress shopping later but I’ve got some time for practice.” Before she could position herself at her podium though she chucked Amara’s backpack to her, “In the meantime, don’t you have some sketches to do?”

Amara gave a brief smile, nodded and settled in her place on the couch as she began her work. As the peaceful and gentle sound of the violin filled the air she often found herself being taken away by it and occasionally stopped to peak over the back of the couch in order to watch the captivating woman perform.


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