Inconsistent Writing – How Passion Rules

A lot of people who aren’t writers see writing as a rather straightforward skill. They also have a tendency to believe that if you generally have a good command of English, or your language of choice, you can get away with any type of writing challenge.

I suppose they have a tendency to forget that it’s not a skill that you can just use to the best of your ability every time. You do need to be very passionate about what you’re writing. Over the past few years I’ve tackled different types of writing, as well as different styles, and found that my success with them has mostly been linked to my passion in them.

I’ve been writing lyrics for about as long as I can remember so I would say about nine years now. I have always thought of them as my absolute favourite type of writing because I feel like they could be most honest, especially if it was I who sang them. I always thought very firmly that feelings cannot be put into words. Feelings and words are, of course very similar, but not quite the same. There’s a type of passion that you get from expressing your feelings with your words, your voice and your body that you can’t quite get from simply writing the words down.

Despite this, I think novels are my absolute favourite to write. There’s far more that you can cover in a novel than you can in song lyrics, even if you decide to make a concept album. Even two concept albums. Of course, it does help that I find it easier to write in length and in detail than I do in a four-minute song. This doesn’t mean I can be any less choosy with my words, but just that novel-writing has more freedom. Novels obviously also branch out into numerous styles and genres; this makes novel-writing extremely freeing for an author who feels that they are capable of dabbling in more than one area.

Articles can be extremely fun to write, in my opinion. I suppose it really does depend on the content, just like anything else, but as long as a person is able to provide necessary and intriguing information in a suitably flowing article then it can be extremely fulfilling and

Speeches are possibly the worst things anyone could ever ask me to write. Frequently I get an assignment in which we are told ‘write it as though you’re giving it as a speech’. I despise those assignments. I can love the subject to death but the fact that I am told to write it as a speech just kills it for me and suddenly I see the task as something akin to climbing Mount Everest.

Our interests really tend to rule over what we are capable and not capable of doing, even if there is really not that much more work involved in them. No matter how good you are, you can’t seem to be good at everything, even if it’s extremely close to your field. You’re always going to have that one thing that your passion rules over; that one thing that you can do better than anything else because you love it so much.

Which are your favourite things to write of any of the above or any ones unmentioned? Which one gives you the most trouble?


What do you think?

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