Obligation vs Ambition

There are very few things that are truly important in life. Even so, there’s always a conflict between what needs to be done and what is desired to be done.

I, just like everybody else, have this same struggle.

I’m still a student with more than sixty hours a week put into her school and its work. On the other hand, I see myself as a writer who loves what she does and who really doesn’t enjoy putting all those hours into school. Honestly speaking, I would much rather add those sixty hours to the fifty or so hours I spend in a week working on novels and stories. Then there are the other obligations related to social activities; time with family, friends and attending events or social functions.

Of course, then there are necessities; eating, bathing, sleeping… It’s a little bit difficult to write without ever eating. It’s a little bit difficult to do anything when you’re a little bit dead so I suppose those obligations are important enough for me to need to do them.

I do tend to deal with my obligations first, even though I often consider anything that I am ambitious about to be something more important than anything else.

But speaking generally I do tend to do my obligations first thing and I do them with as much determination as I do the things I am ambitious about. Why? Because being ambitious about getting obligations done with leads to having time freed up for the things that I really want to do. It’s not easy and sometimes my writing ends up taking the back seat as I try to deal with all my school work and social events.

Still, it is an incredibly effective way of working. There’s nothing more pleasing than having completely free time to work on the things you really love and without having other things nagging on your mind, making you feel any bit guilty.

I most certainly believe that it’s possible to balance the things you need to do and the things you really love to do. I know this because I have been doing it for quite some time now. My advice is to plan out all your work properly and to get things done with, always to the best of your ability because instead of doing it once you may end up having to do it twice or more, and then do the things you enjoy guilt free!


What do you think?

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