Lady in Red Preview

“I understand that but…”

“It was best if she was exposed to the reality of the situation immediately… Besides, I wished for Rin’s mind to be as far off as possible when his mother rejected him.”

Edward’s lips straightened into a tight line before his frown deepened.

Glancing at his reflection in the mirror she noted his unease. “I see you have more to ask.” Her tone was stern and she held her gaze with him through the mirror, leaving quite the impression on Edward’s courage. “Rather than keep it to yourself just go ahead and ask.”

Despite the intensity in her order he could hear the word’s being laced with kindness and consideration. Her thoughts were always filled with his best interests and after years of working for her he felt keenly that this was so. With a sigh of defeat he spoke up again. “I’m just trying to find the meaning behind some of your actions. I’d like to be able to understand.” Phoebe raised her eyebrows, and his expression displayed his faltering courage. “I… Just…” He released a heavy breath and, allowing his confusion to come to the surface, finally blurted out, “Did you know? That his mother was going to reject him, did you know that?”

“I simply had my suspicions.”

“You said that…you regretted doing what you did when she said she wouldn’t take him. If you had your suspicions then why did you do it?”

“I believe I already gave you the answer to that.” She turned herself around, causing Edward to let go of her hair. She stretched her limbs out in front of herself and then made her way to her bed, curling herself up beneath the sheets. As Edward draped them higher up her shoulders she continued to feel his dissatisfaction with her response looming.

He would learn sooner or later.


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