Ordinary Preview

 The moonlight barely illuminated the room. There was another large crack of thunder, something he hadn’t noticed from the living room earlier. “Nick!”

“Are you in the bedroom?” The man called back from the living room, sounding further away than he actually was.


Soon enough the man entered the room, evident by the sudden curse of having slammed his foot in the doorway of the small bedroom. “There goes studying for the night.” He threw himself down on the bed, a little bit irresponsibly once he had no idea where Mikey had been seated.

“There’s a lamp in the garage isn’t there? Why don’t you go and get it?”

“And what, if you don’t mind me asking, do you recommend I use to go to the garage?”

“Ah, that’s true…” Mikey sighed, laying himself down beside the warm man. “So I guess you can get some sleep tonight and then just study as much as possible tomorrow.”

“No choice.” Nicholas threw his arm around the man’s body, smiling into his neck, “Is it too late to have objections to you going to sleep right now?”

“You tell me. Aren’t you tired yet?”

“Not that tired.” Nicholas straddled the man, leaning over him to capture his lips in a soft kiss. He slid his hand underneath Mikey’s sweater, smiling against his lips as he immediately felt the man’s stomach muscles shiver beneath his cold fingers. “I hate nightshifts.”

Mikey slid his hands up the man’s back, feeling the rigid muscles of his body. Somehow this almost felt alien to him. Had it really been that long since they had done this? Surely not. He returned the kiss, smiling widely as the kiss became more intimate. Mikey grabbed his shoulders, tearing their lips apart briefly as he flipped them over.


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