Secrets Clad in Light is out!

Today Secrets Clad in Light was released on Amazon’s Kindle! Go on and give it a little look for some bitter-sweet romance and mystery! You can take a look at the synopsis on my Books page or head straight to Amazon. But here’s an extra special little excerpt!

“Until he wakes I have plenty to think about.”

“Such as?”

“What his reaction will be to his state; how he will feel about where we are.”

“Do you think the latter will bother him? These days I suppose even being in a sewer is a privilege.”

“He was generally cast aside by his family; what attention they ever gave him was never for a good reason. I assume almost always having a luxurious bed to return to had to be of some comfort to him.”

“In the past he had no love but had luxuries; now he has love but no luxuries. I don’t find things all too different.”

Henry looked to her. As she had used the words of ‘love’ he wondered if she had become entirely aware of what his feelings for the other man were. When their eyes met he felt something fluttering inside of his stomach. At first it appeared to be nerves and then he labelled it as simple confusion. He could not understand how she could possibly accept it. He cast his eyes away and he inhaled deeply, “He knows of my feelings, he…surely returns them; I can tell of that much.”

“And the problem?”

“I don’t believe he will so easily accept it after all his suffering.”

“Love is a feeling that is imposed on you. You cannot be lazy; it is up to you to make things work and make the best of it.”

He knew that she was right about that. He had tried. Many times. He would not have stayed with him in that collapsing building had he not believed that if given the chance they could make things work between them. “I don’t know how willing he will be to work on something like that.” He hated to shift the blame to Seth but it wasn’t without good reason. If Seth discouraged him then he wasn’t sure he could have the strength to keep trying.

“Sounds like you’re giving up already.”

“Can you blame me?”

“He hasn’t even woken up yet and you’re already thinking about how negatively he will perceive you and how you will probably abandon him!”

“Not abandon him! Certainly not!”

“Whatever it is you decide to do you need to take responsibility for the fact that you made the choice to keep him alive. Now, for the state he’s in, you have got to take care of him.”


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