Music Meme: Ayumi Hamasaki Songs Represent Me

A Song for XX Era:

Past me: A Song for XX

You will someday be betrayed by your trust in people.

I thought it was the same as being rejected.

At the time I didn’t have that kind of strength.

I definitely knew too much.

They always said I was a strong child.

They praised me, saying “you must be strong not to cry.”

The more people said things like that,

the more even laughing became agony.

Present me: SIGNAL

I’ve decided to zoom off when the next light turns green.

It turns yellow, and stops at red. Am I ready for this?

I’m tired of hearing the noise around me.

Even if only one person understands, it’s ok.

Let’s eat all the things we like, leaving none behind,

and throw away the things we hate.

LOVEppears Era:

Past me: Fly high

I’m afraid. The steps I can’t take

pile up, and turn into a long, long

path untravelled; I’m too late.

During that time, I started thinking that

somehow maybe even this place isn’t so bad.

I kept giving myself reasons.

Present me: Boys & Girls

What on earth do you want?

What on earth is missing?

And where on earth are you headed?

Even if someone asks me questions like that

I wouldn’t have the answers

But the moment you push me forward, don’t forget

That we promised this would finally be the summer

Duty Era:

Past me: End of the World

What should I think?

What should I say?

You’re probably the

first person who has

tried to understand me.

Present me: SURREAL

No matter how lonely you are

No matter how much pain you receive

You can’t shut off your feelings

Even if you’re lost for words

No matter how much you say you don’t care

If you stumble in the road, you’ll hold out your hands to break your fall

That’s the way it is.

I am… Era:

Past me: I am…

I want you to stare into my eyes and call my name

I want you to hold my hand and nod and say it’s OK

Push me, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep walking if you don’t

If this is a lie, at least keep up the lie until the end.

Present me: Daybreak

No matter how far apart we are,

we’re still under the same sky.

Don’t forget that we’re both

travelling to the place

we once dreamed of.


Past me: Heartplace

In this place

Where I feel stress even when breathing

I’ve come to be able to smile

Even when I feel no fun

I wonder if I have changed

Present me: Voyage

At the end of this long path, what will we think?

Everyone is a traveler, wandering about in search of love.

Let’s go together until we tire of it.

Memorial Address Era:

Past me: No way to say

Little by little, I’ve come to realize

That my past never heals

And that it’s no use

Fearing the future I can’t refuse.

Present me: Ourselves

Choosing where I want to end up

There are so many options

That I have no idea which one to choose

But a row of profiles

All walking towards the same future

Is more real than anything else

Because in the end

The only thing that has any meaning

Has to be love.


Past me: GAME

This time tomorrow I’ll be able to smile properly

Yeah, like nothing’s happened

I’ve always done that

But I can’t play this game, yeah, the way I thought.

Present me: INSPIRE

Yeah, I’ll get up time and time again

I’ve got to break down the walls

Not yet, it doesn’t start here

As long as this path continues, I’ve got to open the doors.

Yeah, people can’t live alone

Such a normal concept

Yeah, we can’t live without love

I’m realising that keenly now.

(miss)understood Era:

Past me: alterna

If you’re afraid of change

Watch me from a distance

If what I did do and didn’t do

Are the same, be honest.

It’s not such an outrageous thing

Don’t think too hard about it

I just mean that all I want now

Are the things I really want

That’s all.

Present me: Beautiful Day

The reason we’re afraid of tomorrow

Is because we can’t help being afraid of what we haven’t yet seen

But if tomorrow came with us already knowing what would happen

That’d be really boring

Don’t you think?

Secret Era:

Past me: until that Day…

Hey, the reason of this smile and the meaning of this word can’t be understood

Because I don’t even want to make them understood

It can’t be helped

Indeed, no one knows about real me

More than you.

Present me: Secret

Even if I get tired of flying

I don’t have the courage to lower my wings

If I could have one wish come true

Take me away from here.


Past me: talkin’ 2 myself

The reality always makes us run for nothing

But look ! Your own answer is hiding in it

If you have an unsatisfied feeling

That’s what you made by your hands.

Present me: decision

The road I chose when I was young

Was that of no turning back

That was the first and the last resolution

The future was yelling in the distance.

You see? My past self of that day

You see? Is nodding behind me.



When we feel the wind, let’s clench our hands tightly

Because we don’t need many words any more

When we feel the wind, let’s make a strong step

Let’s go with the same speed, looking at the same scenery.

Present me: Rule

I don’t want to be imposed on

By the same old stupid Rules

Let’s start first, you and me

By breaking the Rules.

Rock’n’Roll Circus Era:

Past me: Don’t look back

I want to go forward, and I don’t want to do so

Hesitating like this means that I don’t hesitate any more

If I stayed here, I suppose it might be easier

But nothing would make me burn with excitement.

Present me: Microphone

But I won’t hesitate anymore, and I won’t regret it

Meeting you was fate

Because you’re always

The one who teaches me what it means to be me

Who gives meaning to my existence.

Love songs Era:

Past me: crossroad

I had the feeling

That the profile of someone I passed by now

Looked like that of the girl

I had known before

But why was I just staring at her back

As she walked away

Without even being able to

Call to her?

Present me: Love song

A life without love?

I’m not confident I could live like that

A life without dreams?

I don’t want to imagine it

A life without song?

I can’t even guess what that would be like

Without uncompromisable thoughts

life would be meaningless and boring.



After I couldn’t see anything

I could see everything

The road ahead is too narrow

So I can’t walk with you anymore…

Present me: progress

If we know the same pain, bring along the same tenderness

And can change them into the strength to live on tomorrow, surely…

Party Queen Era:

Past me: the next LOVE

Loving the person I am, when did I last do that?

Coming to hate the person I am, have I become an adult?

Present me: Shake it

Innocently making easy things look tough

I admire such a charming talent, but

Easily meeting unexpected difficulties

That kind of charm is what I really love.


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