Butterfly Preview

Butterfly (Forgotten Children, #1)

Butterfly (Forgotten Children, #1)

“Have we become so defensive that we cannot even tolerate a kind act?”

“What’s kind about it?” Zack growled. “They just want information out of us!”

“And if they do? So what? You don’t need to tell them anything about you if you don’t want to! And what does it matter what they find? The place is gone, everyone is gone; you’ve already said that yourself!”

“Do you know what they’ll do to us when they find out?” Zack sat up, his entire body rigid as he glared at the other who refused to look at him.

Alex shut his eyes; he didn’t dare think anymore.

“Isn’t this what happened last time? We got an offer of a better life than what we had and it got a lot better didn’t it?” Zack’s words began bleeding sarcasm the more riled up he got. Pain was shooting up his back and he was getting so increasingly frustrated at the other that no pain was deterring him.

“We were seven!”

“So at seventeen don’t you think we should know better?” Zack glared at the other boy’s back, “And what is with you all of sudden? All this abrupt positivity like the past ten years didn’t happen; it’s not like you!”

Alex squeezed his eyes shut tightly, a firm feeling fitted into his throat, keeping him from even croaking out the words, “He’s coming.”

There was a firm knock on the door before it opened, Ellis looked from one boy to the other sternly before his features softened, “Is everything alright in here? I thought I heard shouting.”

“We were just talking.” Zack told him.


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