Cover Reveal: Chameleon

Chameleon (Forgotten Children, #2)

Chameleon (Forgotten Children, #2)

Release Date: 5th June 2013

Student and arcade-runner Justin thought there was little that could happen to turn around his mundane, routine-following life. That was until he was held up at knife-point at the end of a long day. With the threatening boy seeking a place to tend to his extensive injuries Justin was forced to take him back to his workplace, hoping to end the night not nearly as scathed as his attacker seemed to be. When the captor, no older than himself, collapses, Justin has a chance to turn him in. He chooses not to. It’s the desperate and stubborn manner in which the boy refuses real medical attention that makes Justin wonder about what it is he has run away from.

The boy, Ethan, wakes only to confirm what Justin has discovered; he is an orphan from the Abbey that has burnt down in a neighbouring city. Even while realising that keeping a violent and socially-awkward teenager out of trouble is no easy task, and calling himself crazy for pursuing attempt, Justin offers Ethan a place to stay, and his silence, in return for help at the arcade, only for both to soon realise it is each other’s friendship that they desire more than anything.


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