[Diary] One Year On…

Good morning everyone!

How are you all doing?

One year ago today I published my very first story on Amazon’s Kindle and, with it, began taking myself down the path of self-publishing. When I did it, I wondered how I would feel and now, one year on, I feel I can look back on it with a clear head.

It was extremely stressful for me, not just to balance the workload of putting books together by myself but also balancing it with other aspects of my life, like family and school. Admittedly, the most stressful was…dealing with myself. The quiet and reserved person that I am has trouble putting myself out there even now.

This makes the entire experience a great one. Six books on, clearly the stress of dealing with myself, with school, with family and with self-publishing didn’t break me down! Realising that, I feel like a stronger person!

I couldn’t have done this by myself. I really want to thank the people that supported me during the past year, whether it was through their services, reviews, blog posts, recommendations, pep talks or anything.

For the next 24 hours my debut publication, Despair & Decision, will be going up on Amazon for free! For those who never had the chance to grab it, now is your chance! For those that already have it, you can re-download it for some new content and the extra polish I’ve given it for you to enjoy better!

Lots of love and appreciation,



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