Giveaway: Three Kindle Editions of Butterfly (Forgotten Children, #1)

Hello there all!!

How are you all doing?

The Summer season has started and…I’m not so excited that it’s Summer; I’m more of a Winter girl myself, so I’ve got to fill this blisteringly hot season with exciting things!

Let’s start with a giveaway!

Butterfly (Forgotten Children, #1)

Three Kindle Editions of Butterfly (Forgotten Children, #1) are up for grabs!


  • Comment once on this blog post to enter OR Tweet ‘I want to read Butterfly by @kyra_lyrical’ OR Reblog the Tumblr post.
  • Winners will be chosen at random.
  • Winners will need to respond to my message within 72 hours or another winner will be chosen. That being said, please leave your method of entry open to responses.
  • Subscribing to my blog or following me isn’t required (although, it would be sweet!).
  • Winners will be announced on Wednesday, 26th June 2013.

Although it’s not a rule, I would certainly appreciate it if winners considered leaving a review for the book once they have finished. Reviews are a cherished gift for all authors.

All a very simple procedure, right?

Good luck, everyone!!




About the Book:

Ellis McGowan, a child psychiatrist, thought he had seen and heard it all, especially with a wife, Jodie, in the same emotionally-draining profession. When the fire and collapse of an Abbey in the vicinity of their home leaves traumatised children of all ages displaced Ellis is ready to help in any way he can. Soon enough, he finds that everything is not as they imagined; more children than what were originally documented escaped from that building, many with no traceable origins and Ellis needs to find out why, prepared to go to great lengths to do so.

Zack and Alex, the eldest known survivors, soon find themselves in an environment radically different from what they are used to. In a warm, inviting household and faced with a real family the two aren’t sure how to handle things but are certain they will never be able to tell others what went on in their pasts.

Unwilling to lose all faith in the system, and his profession, Ellis is determined to get answers out of the boys to save them, and the others, from the torture they have been subjected to, even while knowing that the Abbey walls were easier to knock down than the ones that had formed around their hearts.


6 thoughts on “Giveaway: Three Kindle Editions of Butterfly (Forgotten Children, #1)

  1. A giveaway? Hell, yeah! And such a good book is worth to leave a message here. Keep up your writing! Greetings

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