Who am I?

At the time of writing this I’m a student and writer, working my way towards finding a place of my own in the world. I’m based on the little island of Malta, balancing all the different aspects of my life through a hectic schedule.

I started out writing short stories, just for myself, and then began writing lyrics for a band that I was part of for years. As I became a bit more confident I wrote fanfiction on popular website but always kept my original works entirely to myself.

2012 has started, making it about 10 years now since I first started writing, and I’m ready to take on new challenges as an author.

A Place Of My Own

I use this blog as a place in which I can speak freely about the challenges I’m tackling at the moment and updating others on my attempts. Although having a place of my own is really important to me I also hope to use this place in order to encourage other writers, or anyone with a creative hobby, to give it their best and continue to pursue the things they enjoy!

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