[Diary] 2016 Resolutions

Well, here they are! These are my goals for 2016!

  • Stick to all my deadlines.
  • Publish four books.
  • Improve on my note-taking.
  • Read more books than last year.

What are your goals for this year?


[Diary] One Year On…

Good morning everyone!

How are you all doing?

One year ago today I published my very first story on Amazon’s Kindle and, with it, began taking myself down the path of self-publishing. When I did it, I wondered how I would feel and now, one year on, I feel I can look back on it with a clear head.

It was extremely stressful for me, not just to balance the workload of putting books together by myself but also balancing it with other aspects of my life, like family and school. Admittedly, the most stressful was…dealing with myself. The quiet and reserved person that I am has trouble putting myself out there even now.

This makes the entire experience a great one. Six books on, clearly the stress of dealing with myself, with school, with family and with self-publishing didn’t break me down! Realising that, I feel like a stronger person!

I couldn’t have done this by myself. I really want to thank the people that supported me during the past year, whether it was through their services, reviews, blog posts, recommendations, pep talks or anything.

For the next 24 hours my debut publication, Despair & Decision, will be going up on Amazon for free! For those who never had the chance to grab it, now is your chance! For those that already have it, you can re-download it for some new content and the extra polish I’ve given it for you to enjoy better!

Lots of love and appreciation,


Goodbye, 2012!

We soon say goodbye to 2012 and all of us carry different feelings into the new year. If 2012 was good for you, I hope you continue to be as happy and as fortunate in 2013. If 2012 wasn’t so great for you I hope you’ll be able to tackle 2013 with strength and positivity so that you can thrive and reach for what you desire!

I move on to the new year ready to tackle new things, full of excitement but not full of preparedness.

Let’s say goodbye to 2012 together, dear comrades, and run in to 2013 with hope in our hearts!

[Diary] November

I disappeared quite a bit throughout November; from my blog, twitter, facebook…

I’m sorry for that.

The truth of it is that I got really caught up between my studies and completing NaNoWriMo.

I’m a person that…if I love something enough then I’ll work extremely hard for it; I don’t care about how much sleep I lose over it, if I miss a few meals or if I have to work through even social events. Writing is something I’m passionate about and I feel that way about it all year round but never more so than this November I think. When up against a wall, juggling my work, my studies, my social life, my writing, I really began to realise what was most important to me and how I would go through anything to see things fulfilled.

All I can say is…if you find something you love then see it through till the very end and only give it your best. If you win or lose is not important but if you have the heart for it then give it your best and be proud that you did no matter the result!

I’ll see what I love all the way to the end.

[Diary] August

I’ve been quiet for most of August but I haven’t been lazy.

Although somewhat unsuccessfully I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo, experimenting with some new things. Meanwhile there has been editing of my latest release, as well as making adjustments based on my dear editor’s recommendations that I agreed with. Other plans have been made in the meantime so please look forward to more news very soon!

For now, bye bye!

[Diary] Few Updates

Good morning!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working hard on everything. I’ve completed one novel and begun another and even so I feel like I’m racing to get some things completed! Camp NaNoWriMo for August is just around the corner and I don’t want to be caught working on two complex stories at once so I’m working hard.

My 19th Century novel is finally completed and the first few rounds of full editing is done; all that’s left is feedback from my betas and another editing or two based on the feedback. In the meantime, Ordinary, a slice-of-life novella is being edited for the final times before publishing. A date for it hasn’t quite been set yet.

Plenty of things to do, especially amongst other work, but I feel really happy putting 110% into something that I really love.

Take care all!


[Diary] Clearing things up

Some days ago a dear relative of mine came across my novella published on Amazon and was shocked to read the content of the sample.

Admittedly, it’s not a novella with the most subtle of beginnings. Almost immediately you know what you’re getting yourself into.

That relative was in no way prepared for what the content of Despair & Decision was and immediately turned to my mother with assumptions of my sexual orientation.

Frankly I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to laugh or cry to that. The ignorance of some people is really quite astounding, not particularly of this relative though. I constantly would love to be blind to ignorance but since this has happened more than once in my life, and caused plenty of trouble for me both times, I thought that maybe I couldn’t be blind to the stupidity of assumptions anymore.

So I’m here to clear things up. Writing about a lesbian romance doesn’t mean that I myself am a lesbian. I’ve written about rape but that doesn’t mean I, personally, was raped. I’ve written about abuse and that does not necessarily mean that I have been abused. I’ve written about angels but I surely don’t believe I am one. I’ve written about 19th Century London and the future and, let’s be honest, as fun as it may be it surely doesn’t mean I’ve gone for a trip in the Tardis with The Doctor. Other such reasoning can be applied to numerous other topics and themes I’ve written about.

I think there is more than just that to clear up though.

Being a writer doesn’t mean simply writing about oneself all the time. If that were the case, wouldn’t it be easier to say ‘dear diary,’ and go on with that instead of this? If I wrote about topics only true to myself then wouldn’t life be rather boring? Where is the fun? Where is the exploration? If I wrote characters always like myself how would that be any fun for myself or for my readers? My goodness, if every experience my characters have had were actually my own I’d have lived at least a  million years by now.

There is more than one truth in this world and that is the truth that we see with our own two eyes. What I feel, what happens to me, that isn’t always important. Sometimes it is what I see other people go through, it is the feelings I see others struggle with, the experiences I see them deal with. Those are the things for me to write about because those are sometimes things that I cannot come to terms with and that some people are also blind to. In writing things in ways that people can understand one is able to shine light on some subjects that need recognition.

It’s not wrong to say that the things an author writes about are things that are dear to them. It’s wrong that, because you don’t know everything about the author, you can fill in all the gaps with all the fairy stories you like by trying to relate them to the things they write. It’s not to say that there is no truth in any of it but taking things with a grain of salt makes sense too, doesn’t it?