Accustomed is out!

Accustomed, the second book in the Ascendant Series, has been released on Amazon’s Kindle!

You can check it out here and dive right into Chapter 1 through Amazon’s Look Inside! Feature. Also, if you haven’t checked it out yet, Book 1, Ascendant, can be found here.


Cover Reveal – Ascendant (Book 1)

Ascendent Front 5x8

Release Date: 11th May 2016

Growing up in the longest period of peace in Lionessa, Princess Sybelle never imagined that she’d one day have to fight to keep her kingdom. When her father dies, everything in Sybelle’s life changes. The once-peaceful kingdom is marked by war, her inexperience is mocked, and her sickly brother is used as a pawn in a political game that threatens to take what is rightfully hers.

When King Nero calls for her to marry his son, Sybelle knows what she must do to maintain control, but doing so will unleash a wickedness within her that could potentially prolong the war or possibly cause her to lose her kingdom.

Can the newly appointed Queen succeed with so many obstacles in front of her?

Grieving Liberty Preview + Pre-Order Links

“Go!” Her father beamed pridefully at the man, standing behind his desk and gesturing to the palace walls, “Relax! Your labour deserves reward!” He looked to her quickly, “See that he has all he desires! I will prepare for celebrations!”

Her eyes shifted from her father’s gaze to the man’s before her,

Grieving Liberty

Grieving Liberty

seeing that twinkle of mischief in his eyes. “I will see him properly attended,” she said, lips tugging in a wider smile.

When they exited the office and large, gaudy doors were closed behind them, her brother was the first to depart down the hall, his slave promptly in tow. “No words from you, Sebastian?” Leonardo called after him.

“I have no words,” Sebastian called back over his shoulder. He did his utmost to separate himself from the situation. The more things turned away from his ideals the more quickly she saw her brother distance himself from their father and, when possible, his responsibilities within the country. He wanted as little to do with them as he wanted to do with Leonardo, knowing that arguing with him would be futile and would only serve to sicken him further.

Leonardo’s thin lips tugged into a smirk, one that chilled her every time, and his golden eyes shifted to her, “And you?”

“I prayed to the Gods that you would not make it back,” she informed him, batting her full eyelashes sweetly. Her disdain for the man was not something dressed up in tender, flowery words as they were when in public. Even then she showed little favour for the man; something that had been able to go unnoticed by many through careful choice of words.

He was not the slightest bit surprised, a small chuckle rattling his firm chest. “My God favours me.”

“Ah, but I have many more,” she added, lips pulled in an all-knowing smile.

“That was not very effective, was it?”

“You are not the only one who believes that things happen for a reason.” Her eyes darkened, hardened and chilled, those blue pools further resembling ice. “You have damned us all by allying us with Rome.”

“I but strengthen our country.”

“Strengthen us?” She scoffed. “Our strength lies in our freedom, in doing things our way, and it always has. You have allied us with tyrants who only seek to take that from us!”

“Do you mean from you?” He asked, taking an imposing step towards her. “You, one of the few heretics left in this city?”

“A heretic compared to you and your beliefs!”

“Beliefs that will be of the rest of the country soon enough.”

She shook her head, breathing heavily, “You have not changed.”

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Cover Reveal: Grieving Liberty


Grieving Liberty

Release Date: 3rd October 2014

Sebastian and Serena have lived privileged lives, their every desire tended to, with their status as the children of the country’s ruler. However, the walls that contain them are not solely those of the palace, but of expectations and politics that come with their positions.

The country’s solidifying alliance with Rome upon the return of a childhood acquaintance brings about changes that they never wished to see, causing devastation and despair to touch their lives and loved ones far too closely for them to sit back and do nothing any longer. They become determined to take action, even if it means that their country may not survive. Even if it means that their history would fade into nothingness, at least they would have lived freely.

Such is Life by Jeri Walker-Bickett


Description: The five literary short stories in this collection feature characters who are down on their luck, yet stubborn enough to move on and get past their struggles.

“Pretty Girl” leaves the reader wondering who is taking advantage of who.

“Leaving Big Sky” shows a young man striking out on his own in hopes of a better life.

“Not Terribly Important” explores what happens when an English teacher publishes literature the community deems inappropriate.

“For the Love of Dog” focuses on a mother’s quest to get rid of the family’s aggressive pet.

“River Walk” finds the reader ambling through New Orleans with a psychotic housewife.

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About the Author: Jeri Walker-Bickett was born and raised in Wallace, Idaho, a rough and tumble mining town with a checkered past. The storytelling urge struck at a young age, but an undergraduate degree in writing led to a graduate degree in English education. Between living the scholarship-laden life of an academic bum, she did seasonal work in national parks. Jeri met her future husband in Yellowstone and they later married in Las Vegas. This phase in their lives sparked an obsession with food and travel. Fate has intervened to allow her to take time off from the classroom. Her forthcoming novel, Lost Girl Road, is a ghost story set in the woods of northwest Montana. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and their pets

Goodbye, 2012!

We soon say goodbye to 2012 and all of us carry different feelings into the new year. If 2012 was good for you, I hope you continue to be as happy and as fortunate in 2013. If 2012 wasn’t so great for you I hope you’ll be able to tackle 2013 with strength and positivity so that you can thrive and reach for what you desire!

I move on to the new year ready to tackle new things, full of excitement but not full of preparedness.

Let’s say goodbye to 2012 together, dear comrades, and run in to 2013 with hope in our hearts!